History: Troy Motor Mall Dealers

~ In the mid 1960's Frank Audette had a vision...

Frank Audette, born 1925, grew up in Detroit attending St. Theresa Catholic School. Shortly after graduation he was drafted serving in WWII. After returning home he attended the University of Detroit on a football scholarship, upon graduation, Mr. Audette started a home building business in the suburbs of Metro Detroit before starting his career as an automobile dealership owner.

In the mid 1960's Mr. Audette aquired a large parcel of land on the north side of 15 Mile road east of Crooks road in Troy, MI which would become the Troy Motor Mall. In 1967 Audette Pontiac opened for business with Audette later selling parcels of land for more dealerships to form the Mall.

In 1975 Audette Cadillac was ready to open it's doors some 15 miles or so away on Orchard Lake road, Mr. Audette would sell his Pontiac dealership as General Motors, at the time, limited an owner to one dealership in the same market.

Audette Cadillac would become one of the most successful franchises in the country operating until 2010 when GM began it's restructuring and ultimately closed it's doors.

Today the Troy Motor Mall is home to over 20 brands of automobiles all within about one square mile.

Frank Audette passed away in 2015. Part of his legacy lives on at the Troy Motor Mall which has been referred to as "Michigan's Permanent Auto Show".


Pontiac GTO at 1967 Detroit Auto Show

Pontiac GTO on Display at the 1967 Detroit Auto Show

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